Spiders are everywhere. You see them in your house and your garden. But what kind of spider is it, exactly? Well, we have a few methods that seem to work well.

Method #1Edit

  1. Think of all the spiders you know. Does this one resemble any of them?
  2. Observe its behavior. Is it shy? Is it bold?
  3. Get a good look at its features. Does it have bright red markings or large eyes?
  4. Take a photo of the spider and post it on this page in the last category. We will identify it for you.

Method #2Edit

  1. Capture the spider in a see-through jar or container.
  2. Use a maginfying glass to get a closer look at the spider.
  3. Take notes on its behavior.
  4. Once you have identified it, release it back into the wild.

Spiders in need of IdentificationEdit

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